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Sun, Sep 21, 2008

Raven's Cry

Listen to this, It is a powerful commitment to take the ideas of the past and apply them to the present and to the future… and together we can do it.

Lets revitalize, by injecting new life into it the current direction… renew, by reasserting….rejuvenate, by taking the old ways and make them, the new and youthful ways…. restore, the ways of old and return them to their natural luster, for the means of today… and rekindle emotion and passion into our way of life… while reinventing new ways and new outlooks, by putting a fresh outlook on the old, to make it new again. hoka… รณ Nakota Designs.

Lets continuing the forward motion… truly appreciate all you do, to make a difference.

walt & Allison

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