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Fri, Feb 6, 2009

Raven's Cry

Hey April coming around again, soon… a time for the calling of the thunder ceremonies on top of Harney Peak in South Dakota. For us all it is a time for new beginnings…. new life, new outlooks, a new year.

… time for this new direction, for these new outlooks to take affect, it is now… the time is now.

It is told in the Lakota teachings that of all the great ceremonies that take place during a year that the welcoming back of the Wakinyan or thunder beings is the very beginning, so in essence this is the start of a New Year.

All of the Lakota ceremonies take place when certain Star constellations are located in certain spots in the heavens, and conversely these coincide with geographic locations in the Pah Ha Sapa or Black Hills.

The Thunders Ceremony takes place on what is now called Harney Peak and it relates to when the sun is in Pleiades, the sacred round starts from Harney Peak.

In Lakota the Pleiades is known by Winchincala Sakowin (7 little girls). The constellations as well as the Sacred Pa Ha Sapa are seen as a great Buffalo and the 7 little girls are the Tayamnipa or the head of the Buffalo.

The Maori people, indigenous to New Zealand, call this time of new beginnings… “the age of the daughters” for it is they who will be the change for these “new beginnings’… it is the rise of the feminine energies, the return of “the Buffalo Calf Woman”… all these outlooks show us what is to come.

Each year you ask the Wakinyan to bring the rains back to our land, so that the grass may grow and the WamankanSka (Animal Nations) shall grow to be healthy and replenish us with their life. In these times that we are living today we perhaps do not depend upon the Animal Nations as we once did, so we ask for good health for all of our relatives, that we may all have good health and good life.

The Wakinyan are seen as the strongest force in Nature for they hold a key to life with their rains they were also the bringers of the first fire. So it is that we begin our New Year honoring them and asking them to come again to us in a good way… so it is said.

The black birds (in a flock) usually appear before the coming of the Wakinyans (the thunder spirit). They show up to tell you a storm is coming… to prepare.†Most people are usually afraid of a thunder storm, the wakinyans use fear to keep us humbled… so we do not take there power for granted.

If you can get past the loudness and the fear… as it passes what you get is the rain, the cleansing of the earth and the moisture that feeds it. You see that the storm is actually a blessing…

Good things seem to be coming our way… be patient the black birds have come and gone. The Wakinyans are here… It seems like a scary storm, it seems like scary times… but up ahead are beautiful blue skys.

hang on.. pay attention to natures signs, the signs from the spirits, listen to our medicine people… pay attention. watch, learn and act… for the time is now. It is time to be the awareness in the new direction.

so it was told to me.

wakinyan hotanka
(thunder that makes a loud noise)
I am just walt†

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