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Mon, Mar 9, 2009

Raven's Cry

It Has Happened Before

When we look back at great turning points in History, we see that each was driven by a unique confluence of events: a society ripe for change; a new generation ready to drive that change; the emergence of one or a few leaders to articulate the need and set the agenda; and in many cases, technological or economic shifts that made innovative action possible. In various ways, these great changes provide models for the coming Millennial revolution.

So what can you do? What is your role to make it happen and to ensure that the change, when it comes, will be a positive one? Alot of steps need to take place, like voting, always vote, if you don’t vote you waive your right to complain. Hold your leaders accountable, it’s not enough just to vote, you need to get involved in the workings of you nations government, your states government, your tribes government… hold your elected leaders accountable.

Get Educated, find out whats really going on, beyond mass media manipulation and celebrity culture… invest time and energy in learning about how the world works and begin thinking about how to change it for everybody’s benefit. Start exercising personal choice and self-discipline when it comes to media overload… Connect the Dots in your life… recognize the links between the personal and the political. Look at how the food you eat, the work you do, the state of your health, the air you breathe, and the prices you pay are all connected to the political system we tolerate.

Share Your Knowledge. Nobody can tell you not too. Speak your mind. Write letters, blogs, emails…. learn more and share more with all those around you. With todays technologies you can communicate with people all around the world. Reach out and start connecting with the people in your communities, your geographic communities, your electronic††communities, and your social and professional††communities. At the same time, it’s important not to get too comfortable sitting in front of your computer monitor all day, typing messages that float out into cyberspace and end up affecting and changing nothing…. virtual activism is fine… so long as it is a launching pad toward the real thing.

First there is “thought”.. then there is “word”… and then there is “ACTION”. And like it was said, “that action is the law of attraction.”

Make Your Message Visible, Audible and Impossible to Ignore. get organized and push for change… beginning in your own CIRCLE of influence. It was once said, “There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves create.” Do not restrict your ability to be a human being. Humans Being…. humans being the change.

It has happened before, WE can make change happen. The world is on a Tipping Point for Change… it is up to us to tip it for the better. The moment is NOW, the time is NOW, and in the moment we have choices… we can chose in this moment… and the choices we make will affect our moments to come. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…. in the moment WE CAN.

Lots of resources out there…. just have to find them and share them. Generation We – Eric Greenburg, Tipping Point & Blink – Malcom Gladwell, Don Miguel Ruiz, Echart Tolle…††are just a few resources that inspired this sharing of information.

thanks for all you do to be the CHANGE so needed in our communities.

wopila tanka
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