Fri, Jan 30, 2009

Raven's Cry

Sometimes I pull thoughts, ideas, dreams, hopes and words from the many†inspirational creative people I surround myself with… such as yourself…†sharing to as many people as I can, a very simple message… inspiration,†collaboration and passion.

inspire = literally means, to be infused with spirit.
Or “to be in spirit”

I have been asking myself more and more… about my role in the design†world, my role in the creative world, my role as a father…†my role in life. Were do I fit in the grand scheme of things?

My role as a Creative Director for Nakota Designs is to inspire… the idea†of inspiring people really seemed to sum up what designers do… inspiration†is defined, partially as any stimulus to thought or action. So I am, in a†sense, in the business of creating artwork that influences people’s thinking†or behavior. As do you, with your business outlook and communication to others.

I read a speech from Milton Glaser, Top Creative Director, he said, “At the†end of the day, do you feel tired because you were with a particular person,†or do you feel inspired?”

That is the ultimate question… At the end of your day, whoever was with†you, the person seating next to you at lunch, or with whom you was on a†vacation, or someone you work with, someone you spoke with on the phone or in email… wherever, whoever, whatever, at the end†of the day, did you learn something? Do you feel better? Do you feel†inspired? Do you feel like going home, and doing something really amazing?

People inspire people. At least they should… It seems so… I heard this†saying, “my company has a vision”.. well companies don’t have a vision,†people do. And the people within the company should be inspirational. You†have to be inspired by the people around you, and you have to inspire them.

A top communications expert, Agustin Garza says, ” … people have the†capacity to comprehend magnitudes that are enormous…” he said, “because a†person can envision something of great magnitude, such as the universe, a†star or a mountain top, this envisioning makes us the very size of that†which we can imagine.” so think big! “… the fact that we as humans can†take such enormous notions and conceive ideas that are far greater yet…†this is absolutely amazing!”

He goes on to say, “.. if you are going to learn from somebody else, you†need to have a certain comfort level to access this individual based on this†”genuine” component in people.” This component is, the capacity to inspire,†to be inspired.

People inspire people. Surround your self with inspiring people and be one†of these inspiring people yourself. Be yourself, use the knowledge that you†have collected thus far in your life, your lifes knowledge… and make†connections with people… that kind of a person is very inspiring. That†kind of person I want to be around, that kind of person is who I want to be.

Another inspirational person, John F. Kennedy says, “… don’t export†product, export culture, so that your product becomes a need.”

What this means to me from a personal level, is to be yourself, be true to†yourself, the “culture” with this outlook is who you are, it is your lifes essence, show others exactly who you are, who you strive to be, everyday… and others will see who you are and strive to be just like you… in†a business sense, it means the same.

Three key words apply to business and to our everyday lifes.

inspiration ï collaboration ï passion

Three key words to live by. From these three words come great ideas. “Collaborate with really passionate people who inspire you.”

I’ll tell you one thing about passionate people ó they’ll never let the ship†go down. If it goes down, they will go down with it, so they just simply†will not let it go down.†

To collaborate with people like that ó now that’s†inspiring.

wopila tanka
(big thanks)

thank you for all you do.

walt pourier -†creative director of Nakota Designs.

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