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Thu, Apr 23, 2009

Raven's Cry

If someone told you they might have seen a “spirit”… and was also hearing voices, alot of voices, what would you think, that maybe they are going crazy?… the deep end, the edge… of sanity?

maybe not, it could actually be something more…be it a life experience or even that from the dream realm… we can look at our dreams and see what is taking place or at least a possibility… when we look at the dream from our hearts and not our minds the interpretation can be trusted…

I like to look at it as the difference between “heart matters” vs “mind matters”… matters of the heart are from the soul, the spirit.. that spirit within us is of the same as the source of spirits, so if we can see how that works, then the spirits are actually speakin to us from this connection, spirit to spirit…

matters of the mind is “noise” or own personal breakdown of what we think or judge something to be… visions of who we think we might be… thoughts of what we think we know… it contains our egos, our fears, our doubts, hopes and dreams too… but it is a mess of thought that usually gets in the way of the connection to our heart… trust that first instinct, for it comes from the heart and it usually is the truth.

When you can trust this, it then opens up “doors” other realms and possibilities…

… we have a word in Lakota “skan”.. it translates to “movement” all if life it moves… to understand “skan” is to understand how that space between all that is, moves…

Look into the sky tonight, and notice the vastness of the stars, billions and billions of them.. it is intense.. it is grand… but look again…. notice the space between each star, because the space between them is even more “grand”… that space is where “skan” exsists….

now turn this thought inwards… to that within you… all the cells, millions of molecules… billions of atoms… and you say “holy crap” thats vast… but wait… look again at the space between those atoms… that space between is even more vast… that space is where skan exists… that space is skan… the movement of life literally moving to and through you… to and through me… and within the space between me and you…

this space is skan… skan moves to and through me as it does you… as it does us together… we can effect this skan in a good or bad way… thus affecting all that is around us in a good and bad way…. when we can understand the skan we can literally affect life and all of lifes movements… move with life… correct life to move with you… affecting the flow of life… for skan is life, life is movement.

Now the other things that moves within this skan are “spirits”… they exsist within this realm, this space, moving to and through us… even the spirits of our loved ones passed… they exist within the “skan”… when we can move and understand the skan we can better understand the spirits, feel them, move with them…. ?and hear them and even… see them… and we begin to understand, there is no end, there is no beginnning, it is just life forever moving with life… this is the truth of life and how life works… its really very simple.

think about some, understand… and when you are ready.. open the door… and step though. no one can do this for you.. only you can….

its a good door to open.. the doors open when we are ready… if one is not ready and a door opens, shock can over take the mind… these doors open when we are ready… if we are not we should never open them… sometimes someone might see a “spirit” or a ghost or something weird from the spirit realm and if the persons mind isn’t ready or prepared for it… the mind reacts. There is no fear in the the realm of the heart matters… trust that what you are beginning to see is for a reason.. the time is right.. the time is now.

some might thing we are out of our minds…. but what a wonderful place to be… out of the mind and into the heart… in the place of skan, trusting all of lifes movements and beyond…

hoka my friend… I am blessed to know of your journey as you know of mine, we share in this path… remember we are not “humans on a spiritual journey”… rather we are “spirits on a human journey”… and on this journey we are supposed to affect life, affect the skan as best we can, as grand as we can… everyday, every hour… every moment… moment to moment.

and in the moment I stand, and I share the space that you share with me… and together we move… through life. This is the prayer we seek… the understanding of life… pray with the space and watch what happens.

Its a good place to be… sounds weird… but it sounds good. simply sharing gathered thoughts.


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