Changing Direction… at the Cross Roads of Change.

Sat, Sep 13, 2008

Raven's Cry

As human beings to this planet, we can be on the forefront of the change taking place… and we should be. The change for better tomorrows. We are everything that needs to happen, and we have to begin with ourselves first.

First there is thought, then there is word… and then there is action.

This action is the law of attraction, which states if we become the voice of change with our “word” then we will in fact draw such change to us… change public perception… public perception is as similar as brand identity… personal identity of oneself … each of us carry a particular identity about who we are….† if one can become this motivator of change, a maven identity, which is a person who accumulates knowledge and social skills and begins word-of-mouth epidemics. (The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell)… then this word-of-mouth action is what sets the course for change.

This type of person is a persuader for change… an energetic voice.

When two people talk what takes place is called cultural micro-rhythms.. these micro movements are what Lakotas call “skan” which means movement… what does life do? it moves, all of life… and the action of life moving, creates change.

There are people who can see “skan”…. these powerful persuasive personalities are people who have the ability to keep people in rhythm with themselves… the ability to create the movement of change. As do you in all your communication with others…

Its time for us all to become these people… it is who we are.

Lets create the “voice” we need, to be heard collectively… it is all related… all the same. YES, our individual cultural diversity outlooks are key to our survival… but this diversity that makes us so different, also posses the one power of that which makes us all the same. And that is the power and the knowledge to know… we are all connected… we are all as ONE.

We are all native to this planet… that is the big picture. We are all human beings… and this “being” is that which is within each of us, that which is the same… that is the true human values perspective. That is the human interest story… we created the first stories that recognize this… and those stories are what our elders tell us still today.

We are not humans on a spiritual journey, rather we are spirits on a human journey…. and on this journey we must touch all we can with all we know… because in time we too shall pass way. And what will history say of our individual journeys? What stories will be told of our time on this planet?

We are the voice of change… that voice of old.. through the voices of the elders, through the people, through the youth of today. Each of us and ALL of us TOGETHER, can be this change… the time is NOW…. the worlds outlooks are on a tipping point of change… a shift of awareness, it is up to us to “tip it” for the better.

I heard Ruben Snake say, “If we do not change direction… we are going to get to where we are going”

It is time to change direction.

… lets all meet at the crossroads of change.


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