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Fri, May 4, 2012

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The client. Ourselves. The world around us.
When that is accomplished, the best work can be done. Bonding closely with our clients, we take the raw materials of information, emotion and talent and create meaningful designs and lasting impressions.

Do good work. Live a good life.
Officially, Nakota Designs is an advertising and design shop based in Denver, Colorado. In truth, it goes much further. Through mutual involvement, we learn our client’s needs and desires. Then, by carefully weaving together our skills and this new-found knowledge, we create impactful designs and communication. Our design services and expertise have been offered and commended for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on the highest quality end product and the now-rare ability to follow projects from concept art to final layout mechanicals as well as from digital prepress to final print.

We are here for all your design, graphic and brand strategy needs.

micante etan wopila tanka
“biggest thanks from within our hearts”
Walt & Allison Pourier

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